At Elle Evans we strive to be as sustainable as we possibly can be, and as we grow so will our efforts in keeping our company low-impact.

Our swimwear is designed to end up with minimum fabric waste. We use only post consumer waste fabrics (remnants discarded by bigger companies that would otherwise go to landfill) or recycled nylon which uses 80% less energy in production than regular ‘virgin’ nylon.

All design and production of our swimwear happens right here in Melbourne, Australia by our small team of 3; a designer, a web designer, and a seamstress.

We sew instructive washing labels into each pair of Elle Evans bathers to help the wearer reduce unnecessary energy consumption through washing and drying; usually this is the most environmentally harmful part of a garments life.

In our future efforts we hope to ensure that all fastening and trims are as sustainable as our fabrics.

We also plan to implement a take back program for customers -if they don’t want to donate them to charity or pass them down to friends and family- so that we can be certain that they are disposed of correctly and take responsibility for the entire life cycle of our product.



I've been building & then pulling things apart for as long as I can remember, but my love of sewing came from Granny Evans and my Ma. With their meticulous patience they showed me how rewarding hand sewing can be & how that bond can make a garment exceptional.
The result was that at a very young age I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up. And while I may have been tempted by a career as a ballerina somewhere along the way, most of my youth was dedicated to learning as much as I could about sewing, design and the fashion industry.
Growing up in rural Victoria I consumed every opportunity my home town offered, from local fashion parades (my first was at the age or 13) to competitions to have my designs stocked in local stores.

When I realised I’d done all I could to further my education in my home town I moved to an Arts based school an hour away to study Fashion there, before beginning my Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design. In 2012 at the ripe old age of 22, I founded Elle Evans; a fully fledged swimwear label with a strong focus on sustainability and a love of detail.